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Welcome to the Whiskers and Ale guild site. We reside on the Drenden server and started as a small group of friends who enjoy playing World of Warcraft in a social atmosphere. Our guild has grown to over 70 members across all US time zones.

We are a social guild with members whose interest in WoW ranges from casual leveling to ten man progression raiding. Our officer team is committed to facilitating content exploration at all levels of play in a fun, social atmosphere. Please keep guild chat friendly and drama-free.

Our guild moved to Drenden on February 3rd, 2007 and contains pockets of people who came into the game with established real life friendships. We also have many couples in our guild. The close-knit behavior new members are bound to observe reflects the longevity of these real life relationships. Having said that, many of our members have also become friends by way of the guild.

Whiskers and Ale is currently not accepting unsolicited applications for membership. If you were recommended to Whiskers and Ale by a friend who is already a guild member, that person may sponsor your application to the guild. Please discuss this with your sponsor before filling out the application. There is a place on the application to list your sponsor.

We have an inactive policy. Should a player not login for over 3 months. That player is moved to hibernation rank. Should the player remain inactive for over 6 months, all characters are removed from the guild. Such players are welcome to return should they resume play at a later date.

All new members regardless of level will spend 30 days in a probationary rank. We do this primarily to protect guild assests, but also to give all parties time to evaluate if the player and guild are a good fit. While in that rank members have no access to the guild bank. Memebers of the probationary rank also do not recieve calendar invites for raids. New members instrested in raiding during the first 30 days can let officers know. We will try to accomdate provided the character has appropriate gear and room is available. However, priority is given to more senior members of the raid team. At the end of 30 days characters are moved into a level-based rank or raid rank. All members of the raid rank will recieve calander invites for guild runs.


The Guild Officers,
Silvar (GM), Jeffent, Laeros and Woof

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